Because grammar at your desk is a snooze.

Let’s talk subject-verb agreement. Here’s how to make grammar entertaining for both you and your students:

  • Create a bunch of sentences (some easy, some tricky) for students to select the correct form of the verb. Make sure they’re numbered.
  • Cut them out into individual strips.
  • Get tape.
  • Ask students to number a piece of paper for how many sentences you have created.
  • Then, tape your sentences to the students’ backs. I’m serious. Do it and don’t explain why yet; the comments are good entertainment.
  • Optional: have one say ‘Kick Me’ just for fun just kidding
  • Students have to get out of their seats to find each one of the sentences, a moving target on the backs of their peers, and write the correct form of the verb on their piece of paper.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the collaboration.

It was really funny for me because students who had never spoken before were giggling and “stalking” each other around the room, trying to see the sentence without asking the student (who was also seeking other sentences) to stop moving.