Personification of Fourth.

Fourth didn’t make it easy. In fact, it took you a while to get Fourth’s number. Just like it took you years to figure out about yourself that you weren’t shy, but rather just quieter, more thoughtful than most. But slowly, you discovered that Fourth is just like you. You share a kinship, and so you accept Fourth’s silences and find them room to work around within it.

And the bolder you, the one that’s had time to explore the world and discover [it, others, self], recognizes how to lead them. You realized the necessity of pushing past your own fears, your own hang-ups — no hands raised or comments to share never stops beings intimidating, but that doesn’t mean Fourth isn’t listening, that Fourth doesn’t “get it”. 

It was a stumble, that realization, but a find nonetheless. When you ask Fourth to write, they write for days. When you encourage Fourth to share locally, rather than communally, they talk for hours. And how.

Fourth is you and there are days like today when you are able to find that strong, steady beat within the silence and, there in the quiet, everything that can go right does and the click between you and Fourth is practically audible.

[Quiet, now: we’re talking.]