I’ve been pulled out of my planning period classes three times today for co-teacher training and, as irksome as that is on the last day of the making period, I gotta say that it has been extremely helpful. The ongoing conversation that hasn’t been going too well with my new co-teacher finally took place in a controlled, guided environment. We’ll see what happens from here, but I finally feel like I said what I’ve been trying to say or wanting to say, in the exact way that I wanted to say it.

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A sweet anecdote:

Senior Night was two days ago and each senior on the team gets to write a monologue-esque thank you slash trip down memory lane speech that, before the game, is read as they walk across the field with their family. Every single senior thanked the head coach and I, of course, but one girl’s message to me in particular was extraordinarily touching.

"Thank you," she said, "for holding the team together, for checking in with all of us, and being the one that keeps us all together."

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